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Metro Care

MetroCare In uncertain times. Through life’s twists and turns. Metro Health is committed to helping you stay well and get the medical care you need, when you need it. That’s why we’re proud to introduce a special program called MetroCare – a way to help you weather the economy without neglecting your health.

Metro Care has three key components:

  • A Community Benefit Discount for those with no insurance. This program will start with a 40% discount when you visit a Metro Health doctor’s office. The discount also applies to most services provided by Metro Health Hospital.
  • A Care Payment plan that offers a 25-month, interest-free payment option with low minimum monthly payments for anyone who needs extra time to pay their hospital bills. This program also includes doctor visits at our neighborhood outpatient centers.
  • FREE Live Healthy lectures and health screenings on an ongoing basis to help you detect problems early and learn about good health habits.

It is our hope that MetroCare will provide assistance in challenging times because meeting the needs of our neighbors is central to our mission and something we support through philanthropy. We encourage you to see a doctor when you’re sick and for routine check-ups. One of the greatest ways to control health care costs and avoid serious illness is through regular, preventive visits with your physician.

Quality & Pricing

Metro Health is committed to offering high quality care and competitive prices.
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