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Metro Health PHO

PHO stands for Physician Hospital Organization and is a group of primary and specialty care physicians along with a hospital that partners with insurers, employers and patients to improve the health and well being of our communities.

Formed in 1995, Metro Health PHO is comprised of specialty and primary care physicians that have privileges at Metro Health Hospital. Currently there are 204 physicians in the Metro Health PHO:

86 Primary Care Providers:
51 Independent
35 Employed

9 OB/GYN Providers:
8 Independent
1 Employed

109 Specialty Care Providers:
102 Independent
7 Employed
The Metro Health PHO also works in collaboration with hospital quality improvement activities and expands them into the provider office setting. The PHO is governed by its own Board of Directors with physician leadership that encourages sharing of best practices, problem solving, process improvement and the belief that the patient should be the center of all health care.

With the changing health care industry, the PHO is positioning itself to ensure it is aligned to support its members. Contact a PHO staff member if you have specific needs or would like to learn more about the Metro Health PHO, or select one of the following links.


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