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What is the role of the Metro Health PHO?

The Metro Health PHO strives to provide an environment that encourages sharing of best practices, problem solving, and process improvement. The Metro Health PHO believes that the patient should be the center of all health care. Through the adoption of evidence based care, variation of healthcare delivery is reduced and the community as a while benefits. The Metro Health PHO also works in collaboration with hospital quality improvement activities and expands them into the provider office setting.

What is a PHO?

PHO stands for Physician Hospital Organization and is a group of primary and specialty care physicians along with a hospital that partners with insurers, employers, and patients to improve the health and well being of our communities.

When was the PHO formed?

The Metro Health PHO began in 1995 as an equal partnership between Metro Health Hospital and Kent Health Care Physician Organization.

Currently there are 204 physicians in the PHO:

86 Primary Care Providers:
51 Independent
35 Employed

9 OB/GYN Providers:
8 Independent
1 Employed

109 Specialty Care Providers:
102 Independent
7 Employed

Mission Statement:

Provide Metro Health physicians and hospital with a formal structure to jointly coordinate top quality, efficient health outcomes for our patients.

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