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Cancer Care


cancer lobby Metro Health has joined forces with one of the premier names in cancer treatment – The University of Michigan Department of Radiation Oncology – to bring the best care for cancer closer to home for West Michigan residents. Every design element of The Cancer Center at Metro Health Village was chosen to promote healing and comfort. Our patients are receiving the compassionate, personal care they’ve come to know from Metro Health along with cutting-edge care from University of Michigan radiation specialists and access to clinical trials.


(need to add information about our relationships with Grand Rapids Clinical Oncology Program and any other quality details related to medical oncology)

By being part of the University of Michigan’s Radiation Oncology Network, The Cancer Center at Metro Health Village benefits from the expertise of the university’s renowned faculty. State-of-the-art telemedicine and videoconferencing make it possible for radiation oncologists at Metro Health to consult with their colleagues in Ann Arbor on a regular basis. Every case within the Radiation Oncology Network is reviewed by University of Michigan faculty physicians to assure the highest level of care.



Metro Health offers competitive prices for our services. Our Community Benefit Discount is for patients with no health insurance. Our prices reflect the cost of a service with and without this discount.

Please Note: These prices are for hospital services only and do not include fees from physicians, such as your surgeon, radiologist or anesthesiologist. The prices listed are average prices. Actual prices may vary based on the complexity of your service.

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