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Metro Health Repeats High Ranks on Safe Practices

Posted: January 15, 2007

January 15, 2007

Grand Rapids, Michigan, January 15,
2007 – Metro Health today announced its results in the 2006 National
Quality Forum of Safe Practices/Leapfrog quality reports.

Metro Health scored 100 percent on 24 of the 27 safe practices from the
National Quality Forum that are measured by the Leapfrog survey. The
National Quality Forum’s Safe Practices have been adopted by Leapfrog
as a means by which to measure and compare hospitals in regards to
patient safety.

Metro Health has submitted data to Leapfrog for the past three years.
Leapfrog assigns individual weights to each practice. These weights are
factored into the overall score. Leapfrog ranks hospitals by quartiles
and publishes the results on the Leapfrog Group website

Metro Health Hospital’s compliance to the 2006 National Quality Forum of Safe Practices/Leapfrog:

Overall point total: 971.50/1000 (257 out of 1,204 hospitals*)

Key practices point total: 492 (245 out of 1,204 hospitals*)
*1 = highest points

The Leapfrog Group consists of more than 170 members or purchasers that
represent 34 million enrollees or patients across 50 states.

The National Quality Forum is a not-for-profit organization created to
develop and implement a national strategy for quality measurement and
reporting. Quality and patient safety measures that are focused on
high-priority practice areas are developed and adopted through a
rigorous national consensus process.

About Metro Health
Metro Health is a regional health-care organization with a 238-bed
general acute care osteopathic teaching hospital and 10 neighborhood
outpatient centers, serving more than 130,000 patients in Kent and
surrounding counties. Metro offers a broad range of services, including
hospital inpatient and outpatient services, emergency, surgery,
intensive care and rehabilitation. Physician, therapy and diagnostic
services are offered in its 10 neighborhood centers. Metro’s work is
supported by the Metro Health Hospital Foundation, which is a
charitable organization dedicated to improving the health and
well-being of the West Michigan community through philanthropy.

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