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Metro Health Expands Specialty Health Care Services

Posted: July 14, 2008

As part of an ongoing effort to expand upon its range of health-care services, Metro Health is now extending allergy, dermatological and radiology services through its new Specialty Physician Suite.

Located in the Metro Professional Building at Metro Health Village, the Specialty Physician Suite offers joint space in a quasi time-share arrangement to physicians who rotate office locations throughout the week and provide services to Metro patients. It is part of an emerging national trend toward more localized and convenient systems of health-care delivery and gives patients greater access to specialty care in one convenient location.

"Through the Specialty Physician Suite, Metro Health is now able to further expand upon the quality specialty services our patients already seek from us," said Dr. William Cunningham, executive vice president and chief medical officer of Metro Health. "This is about bringing together superior health-care services and professionals in one location convenient for our patients. Metro Health Village is a natural draw for both patients and practitioners. Now patients can see an allergist after visiting their primary care physician and consulting with a dermatologist – all in one easy-to-navigate trip."

The Specialty Physician Suite also allows medical practitioners the chance to broaden the reach of their services, as more and more physicians realize the importance of accommodating the busy schedules of their patients.

"Not only is it a novel approach to delivering advanced quality health care, it’s also a great way for doctors to connect with Metro Health," Cunningham explained. "Our new location in Southeast Kent County has made us an increasingly popular destination for physicians and patients alike. This new suite will give physicians an opportunity to expand their practice and to reach new patients."

Some physicians already practicing out of Metro’s Specialty Physician Suite include: Dr. Edward Stern, allergist; Dr. Suzette Sanchez, dermatologist; and Drs. Peter Nye and William Rozell, radiologists.

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