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Metro Health Offers Free PAD Screenings Saturday, June 4

Posted: May 5, 2011

Metro Health Hospital will offer free screenings for peripheral artery disease on Saturday, June 4.

PAD screenings take approximately 30 minutes and involve taking a person’s blood pressure at the wrists and ankles. The screenings are available beginning at 8 a.m. at Metro Health Hospital. Registration is required. Call 616.242.4880 to register.

PAD can be a devastating diagnosis and can result in limb amputation. Screenings can help detect the disease in high-risk patients early enough to allow them to make necessary lifestyle and diet changes to improve their circulatory system. The goal of screening patients is to decrease the need for amputation.

Patients should seek a PAD screening if they are experiencing leg pain when walking that ceases once they stop moving. Another indicator of PAD is having wounds or open sores that have difficulty healing. Patients at high risk include those who are obese, have diabetes, heart disease or another circulatory issue. Smokers are also at a higher risk, as are African Americans and Native Americans.

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