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Metro Health Expands Robotic Surgery Options, Becomes First Hospital in Michigan to Offer Guided Spine Surgery

Posted: June 28, 2011

In a move that will expand its robotic surgery options for patients, Metro Health began using Renaissance in May. Renaissance is a robotic system that features a surgical device mounted on the patient’s back during surgery that allows for greater precision in the placement of spinal implants. It also reduces the need for X-rays and decreases the amount of radiation that patients are exposed to.

Renaissance can be used for traditional open/invasive or minimally invasive surgery. This device will allow surgeons more precise initial placement, reducing the need for future surgeries to make adjustments and improving the recovery time for patients.

In 2008, Metro Health began using the da Vinci® Surgical System, a robotic system that allows surgeons to perform minimally invasive kidney, prostate and gynecological procedures.

“Robotics systems allow surgeons to operate with better visualization, precision, dexterity and control than is possible using traditional approaches and technology,” said Dr. John F. Keller, a Metro Health surgeon who specializes in brain and spine disorders. “We are very pleased to be the first hospital in the state to utilize Renaissance, which will enhance our abilities when performing complex spine surgery.

“Renaissance allows me to map out the surgery beforehand and then to be very particular and controlled while placing implants in the spine. Surgery with Renaissance is faster, so we spend less time in the OR. The device also helps minimize trauma to the spinal muscular structure so that patients can heal faster and more comfortably.”

Surgeons use a standard computerized tomography scan prior to the surgery to map out the entire procedure. They then use Renaissance to pinpoint the implant locations before operating.

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