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Meagon Oliver Named Best of Metro!

Posted: October 5, 2011

Lori SearlMeagon has been a part of the Metro Health family for 14 years. She started as a Resource PCT while she was still in nursing school, and since then has held a variety of positions including Transporter, Resource RN and now is the Clinical Nurse Educator on Level 3.

Meagon’s commitment to providing the Best Patient Experience is well known among her co-workers. “She always makes sure the patient has all their needs taken care of before she leaves the room,” explains her nomination form. Treating people well, both patients and co-workers, is a big part of who Meagon is. “Whether I’m dealing with nurses, physicians, patients or family members,” she explains, “my goal is to provide them with the respect, care and compassion that they all deserve both inside and outside of these walls.”

When asked to choose a favorite Metro memory, Meagon had a hard time picking just one, “I have so many wonderful memories; it’s hard to pinpoint a specific one as my favorite!” She mentioned all the memories people wrote on the walls of each unit in the old hospital before it closed and described a graduation party that the Level 3 staff threw for her after she earned her MSN degree last April. “This place is filled with so many memories and so many wonderful people. They are not just co-workers, they are family and without each and every one of them, I could not do what I do.”

While Meagon feels that receiving the Best of Metro is an honor, she says she would not have won if she were not surrounded by a great team that “not only teach me new things but support me in what I am passionate about.” For Meagon, that is nursing and impacting the lives of those around her. “If I can leave this world knowing that I’ve made a difference in the life of one person, I’ve succeeded,” she explains. “It is a privilege to be able to come to work everyday and interact with such amazing people.”

Congratulations Meagon! You are the Best of Metro!

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