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Nyla Kuperus Named Best of Metro

Posted: January 11, 2012

Nyla has been working at Metro Health for 36 years.  She started at the old hospital as an LPN on 2 West and 4 Tower.  In 1981, she started working in OB, and she received her RN in 1994.  Recently, she was the Clinical Coordinator in the Childbirth Center, but celebrated her retirement at the end of December.

Nyla’s nomination forms highlight the many ways she provides the Best Patient Experience.  “Nyla gives individual attention to patients and their families,” explains one form.  “She is willing to help out when the unit is busy to maintain quality patient care.”  Nyla explains that providing the Best Patient Experience is important because, “this is the best practice standards that we all need to strive for.”  She is also known among her co-workers as being someone who provides the Best Employee Experience.  Another nomination form declares, “working with Nyla is rewarding and empowering.  As a co-worker she exhibits a hard-working, compassionate demeanor that is beneficial to all those who work beside her.”

When asked about her favorite Metro memory, Nyla, like many others, talked about the move to the new hospital.  “I was given the privilege to turn out the lights on the Childbirth Center one last time.  This was an emotional and exciting time.”  Nyla also mentioned that six of her 12 grandchildren were born at Metro, giving her six other wonderful Metro memories.

When Nyla was asked what receiving the Best of Metro meant to her, she said, “I am so very honored to receive this award and what a wonderful way to close my career at Metro.”  She added, “There have been many changes over the 36 years that I have been with Metro, but one thing that has not changed, especially in the Childbirth Center, is that we are family.”

Congratulations, Nyla!
YOU are the BEST of Metro!

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