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Deb Block Named Best of Metro

Posted: February 27, 2012

Deb works as a nurse’s aide on Level 5. While she has only been here for six years, she has made a huge imact on her co-workers and patients.

Providing the Best Patient Experience is an area in which Deb truly excels. “Deb is great with her patients,” exclaims her nomination form. “She takes time to listen to them. Many times she talks with the patient and gets to know them on a level that lets the patient know that she really cares and that they are more than a room number.” Making sure she provides the Best Patient Experience is very important to Deb, because she sees the opportunity she has to impact a person’s life. To her it means “keeping my focus off myself and putting it on other people around me.” It’s this attitude that has led to her nomination form using words like “team player, flexible and proactive” when describing Deb and how she provides the Best Employee Experience.

When asked about her favorite Metro memory, Deb mentioned moving to the new hospital. While moving may have been a great Metro memory, she also talked about a personal memory that Metro was a part of when her first grandchild was born here in October. She has also mentioned she has another grandchild on the way, due in August.

Deb says receiving the Best of Metro award is a true honor, especially because she works with so many people whom she believes are Best of Metro employees as well. But she also wanted to add that she was very lucky to spend five years working with Monica Coale, an RN on Level 5, who passed away last June. “She was one of the best nurses I have ever met,” she explained. “Many on Level 5 have a hole in our hearts as it was very sudden. It reminds us all how short life is and to make every second count!”

Congratulations, Deb!
YOU are the BEST of Metro!

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