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Sue Wojciechowski Named Best of Metro

Posted: August 1, 2012

Sue has been working at Metro Health for 33 years!  She began as a pharmacy tech and after seven years she became a pharmacy purchaser, which has been her position ever since.

While Sue may not have direct contact with patients, her hard work behind the scenes plays an important role in how others provide the Best Patient Experience.  Her nomination form says that she “spends countless hours trying to find meds” when others are backordered.  It also mentions her ability to effectively communicate with clinical staff about what drugs are available and what is backordered so they can make informed decisions when caring for patients.

Among her colleagues she is known for having a “wealth of knowledge and great attitude towards the daily struggles, which makes the pharmacy employees’ experience wonderful.”  Sue thinks just as highly of her colleagues, “Over the years I have had the privilege to work with Pharmacists and Technicians who are always striving to provide patients with the best care and the right drugs to promote healing.”

When asked about her favorite Metro memory, Sue spoke about her involvement with the Metro gardens prior to the hospital move.  “It was a privilege to work with Bill Kovacs and Trina Lickley, we planned out the plants, trees and bushes that would be in the two gardens,” she explained.  “We tried to include different colors, sizes, fragrances and textures to truly make the gardens places of healing for patients, family members and Metro staff.”

For Sue, being selected as the Best of Metro makes her think of all the people who work at Metro.  “It is quite an honor, but there are so many people from all departments who work as a team to make Metro great,” she explained.  “No one person can do it alone.”

Congratulations, Sue! YOU are the BEST of Metro!

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