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Residency Programs at Metro Health

Urological Surgery Residency Program

The Urology program will provide the necessary training and education to Osteopathic Physicians who desire to prepare themselves for the practice of Urological Surgery. To provide the basic requirements necessary for eventual certification in Urological Surgery by the American Osteopathic Board of Surgery.

  • The Urology program is a five-year curriculum, subsequent to internship training, that is in accordance with the guidelines of the American College of Osteopathic Surgeons and the basic equirements for residency approval in Urological Surgery.
  • The Program strives to train Residents in the psychological and interpersonal skills necessary for effective communication with patients, family colleagues and allied health personnel.
  • Residents, interns and students from a variety of programs regularly rotate through the department.
  • During the first year, the Resident shall become familiar with the names and uses of Urological Surgical instruments, with operating room techniques and conduct, with pre- and postoperative care, and with x-ray techniques and proper positioning for x-rays.
  • During the second year, the Resident shall carry on more direct supervision in the Emergency Room and will do various procedures of the more minor nature under supervision.
  • During the third year, the Resident shall generally be permitted to do major cases under scrubbed supervision, depending partially upon his/her own demonstrated ability.
  • During the fourth year of the training program, the Resident shall be assigned to observe Urological Practice in the offices of the Urological Surgeons participating in the training program.
  • Specific reading assignments shall be given to the resident from time to time.
  • The Resident shall attend at least one (1) annual meeting of the American College of Osteopathic Surgeons and its Urological Sections during the period of his/her Residency.
  • The Resident in Urological Surgery will be encouraged to accept ever-increasing responsibility in the total care of patients on his/her service. Further, the Resident’s responsibility at operative procedures will be graduated as rapidly as his/her knowledge and ability permit, consistent with optimum patient care.
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