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Fill out the Volunteer Application Form.

Here is a list of many short-term volunteer positions available throughout the year at Metro Health Hospital:

  • OB/GYN PLAYROOM at Breton Plaza – Playroom attendant to supervise children and keep room tidy while parents are being examined.
  • CARDIAC CATH LAB Update cardiology computer database.
  • CARDIAC REHAB at Breton Plaza Compute data entry, assemble educational material.
  • CARDIOVASCULAR SERVICES File clerk to do file maintenance, physician mailings.
  • CASCADE PLAZA Put new patient charts together, file charts and reports, fax records, and perform other clerical tasks.
  • CEDAR SPRINGS PLAZA Put new patient charts together, file charts and reports, fax records and perform other clerical tasks.
  • CHILDBIRTH CENTER (OB) Clerical assistant to fill patient education folders, stock educational material, file.
  • COMMUNITY CARE PLAN (CCP) at Raybrook Clerical assistance, mailings.
  • DIABETIC EDUCATION at Breton Plaza Prepare educational packets for public classes, help with class registration.
  • EMERGENCY Stock supplies, change linen, run errands, sit with patients, extend hospitality to families in waiting room.
  • ENDOSCOPY Transport patients in wheelchairs, prepare treatment rooms, do paperwork.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES Help with assorted cleaning projects, i.e., wheelchair polishing, and air duct dusting.
    • Position A: Help prepare salad bar, clean tables, refill napkins and silverware.
    • Position B: Customer service representative to survey patients about meal trays.
  • FOUNDATION Help with mailing projects, copy work, filing, some computer data entry, special projects (such as the Family Campaign).
  • GIFT SHOP Assist Little Guild in hospital shop: dust, display inventory, make flower deliveries, operate cash register, help customers.
  • HEALTH INFORMATION Alphabetize and file medical records, prepare records for microfilming, white out labels.
  • HUMAN RESOURCES File, copy work, help with mailings.
  • INFORMATION DESK Greet visitors, answer phones, page families, give directions, escort visitors.
  • INPATIENT SURGERY Distribute surgery schedules, answer phones, file, escort families to waiting rooms.
  • LIBRARY Primarily copy work.
  • MAGAZINE CART Sort donated reading material and deliver to lobbies, waiting rooms, and patients’ rooms.
  • MAIL ROOM Sort, deliver, and pick up office mail.
    • Position A: Help with small repair jobs.
    • Position B: Data entry; use computer to type log sheets of engineering.
  • MANAGEMENT SERVICE ORGANIZATION at Breton Plaza – Computer input of medical insurance billing data.
  • MARKETING at Breton Plaza Computer input of patient survey data.
  • MEDICAL AFFAIRS Type, file, copy work, mailings.
  • MEDICAL EDUCATION Type, file, mailings.
    • Position A: Visit, entertain and assist disabled long term patients.
    • Position B: Do personal laundry for patients who are unable or have no family.
  • NURSING ADMINISTRATION Type, file, copy work, assemble packets.
  • NURSING FLOORS Answer call bells, assist patients with simple needs, clean work areas, direct patients’ family members, help secretaries.
  • OUTPATIENT HEALTH CENTER LOBBY Greet visitors, give directions, escort or push patients in wheelchairs.
  • OUTPATIENT HEALTH CENTER WAITING ROOM Prepare refreshment area, extend hospitality to families, keep area neat, run errands.
  • OUTPATIENT SURGERY Restock supplies, change linen, distribute surgical schedule, answer phones, discharge patients via wheelchair.
  • PAIN CLINIC Greet and direct patients, put together charts, stock supplies, discharge patients via wheelchair, do light clerical work.
  • PATIENT FINANCIAL SERVICES Light clerical duties: filing, alphabetizing, sorting, running errands.
  • PHARMACY Pull med orders for discharged patients, replace returned meds, light cleaning, some computer work.
  • PHYSICAL MEDICINE INPATIENT & OUTPATIENT – Restock supplies, change linen, clean equipment, assemble patient aides, transport patients, clerical work.
  • PROSTATE CLINIC Greet and direct male patients, do clerical work.
  • QUALITY MANAGEMENT Type file, copy work, mailings.
  • RADIOLOGY File, color code, mail out x-ray reports.
    • Position A: Assist with recreational activities for long-term patients. Entertain with musical instruments. Pass meal trays.
    • Position B: Clerical, i.e., assist with addressing monthly program evaluation letters and stuff envelopes.
  • RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT Type, file, copy work, assist with special projects.
  • RISK MANAGEMENT Type, file, do cross-references, make copies.
  • ROCKFORD PLAZA File patient charts, put new charts together, pull charts, make copies, and perform other clerical tasks.
  • SECURITY Patrol parking lots, greet and direct drivers, assist patients in wheelchairs, engrave ID numbers, check extinguishers.
  • SHREDDING Put collected paper into shredder and bag the shredded material for disposal.
  • STOREROOM Restock shelves, assemble and deliver orders.
  • UNIVERSAY INFANT HEARING SCREENING Use special equipment to screen sleeping infants for potential hearing problems before their discharge.
  • URO/NIVL Assemble patient packs, file, clerical work.
  • VOLUNTEER SERVICES Clerical work, computer tasks, help with special projects and one-day events.
  • WOMEN’S AND CHILDREN’S CENTER (Peds) Read and play with children needing fri
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