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Lives Touched

Every gift to the Foundation makes a difference in the lives of others. The following stories demonstrate how some of the life-saving programs and services made possible through donor contributions have changed the lives of men, women and children in our community.


Rosa Paul - Mammogram grant patientThank you for your program for women who do not have health insurance. This grant is a life saving program for me and all the women who need a routine mammogram yearly. I come from a family that is high risk for breast cancer; my mother was diagnosed at age 28. My employment ended in February and I was scheduled for cervical cancer surgery a few weeks later. If it were not for this grant I would not have been able to afford the care I needed. The program saves lives. I cannot thank Metro Health enough for caring and letting me to continue to be a mom to my children. We as women want to be around for our families for years to come. Thank you for caring.



Patricia Coons As a nurse in the Emergency Department, it has been my experience that Metro Health has never been one to be satisfied with “good enough.” Continuing education for nursing staff is a huge part of our constant efforts to improve the care of our patients. Thank you for making it possible for us to attend conferences that are vital to providing the highest level of care. Without the continuing education grants, there is no way I could have attend these conferences, and our patients would not be benefiting from significantly reduced wait times and other improvements we’ve made as a result of all we learned. You are making a difference in our efforts to provide the best patient experience possible.
- Patricia


Wallis As a full-time patient of Metro’s Assisted Breathing Center,
I have never been able to visit my grandchildren in their home. They had rarely seen grandma outside the hospital before today. What a feeling, watching my two little granddaughters play and listen to their chatter as they ran around their house! I could hardly hold back the tears. I really don’t know how to thank you for the new portable ventilator provided to me by the generosity of those who support the Metro Health Hospital Foundation. It’s like you’ve given me back my life. What a wonderful gift you gave to me and to my darling little girls. I look forward to many more trips to come.
- Wallis



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