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Physicians Spread Hope

The Metro Health Hospital Foundation is grateful to have the financial support of the following physicians and their families. The gifts received from the 2013 Physician Special & Annual Gift Drives inspire hope and help patients and families struggling with physical, emotional and financial pain.

Thank you to the following physicians who have generously contributed to the Physician Annual Gift Drive. 



Dr. Marc  & Darcy Afman

Dr. David Albrecht

Dr. Cesar Alcid

Dr. Kevin Altman

Dr. Eric Anderson

Dr. and Mrs. Donald Arlinsky

Dr. Frank Belsito

Dr. David Berg

Dr. Linda Bessert

Dr. Craig & Mary Kay Bethune

Dr. Terri Bott-Kothari

Dr. Laura Bouch

Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Bowman

Dr. John Bradley

Dr. Stephen Brink

Dr. Joseph Brown

Dr. & Mrs. Greg Cammell

Dr. James Chiavaras

Dr. Bradley Clegg

Leonard & Marjorie Coiner

Dr. James H. Coretti

Dr. Patricia A. Cottrille

Dr. Daniel Cunningham

Dr. William Cunningham

Dr. Mark DeHaan

Dr. Larry Diaz

Dr. Douglas Doyle

Dr. Stephanie Dublis

Dr. David Duffey




Dr. Paul Dwyer

Dr. Allison Edberg

Dr. & Mrs. John K. Edleman

Dr. Steven Edmondson

Dr. Bryan Figueroa

Dr. Kevin Furlong

Dr. Paul Gauthier

Dr. Robert Gleffe

Dr. Peter Goebel

Dr. M.B. Grey

Dr. Ronald Grifka

Joanne Grzeszak, DO

Dr. Patricia Guntern

Dr. Todd Hartgerink

Dr. Daniel Hearld

Dr. James Hoogeboom

Dr. & Mrs. W. Lee Irving

Dr. Gregory Johnson

Dr. Leila Keeler

Dr. Adam Kilkenney

Dr. Paul Kovack

Ms. Florence Kramer

Dr. Tracy Lixie

Drs. Joseph & Megan Looby

Dr. David Louwsma

Dr. Steven Lown

Dr. Kelly Ludema

Dr. Daniel Mann

Dr. Andrew Michmerhuizen



Dr. Mark Millar

Dr. & Mrs. James B. Mitton

Dr. Robert Morris

John & Lisa Mulder

Mrs. Sue Murray

Dr. Mien Nguyen

Dr. Lance Owens

Dr. Natalie Parr

Dr. Adam Passeno

Dr. Mary Pell

Dr. Jeffrey Postlewaite

Lance & Kathrin Richards

Dr. Therese Rouse

Dr. Katherine Sage

Dr. Frank Schmid

Dr. John Serini

Dr. Susan Sevensma

Dr. Daniel Shumaker

Dr. & Mrs. Douglas R. Shumway

Dr. and Mrs. C. Eugene Soechtig

Dr. Joseph Talcott

Dr. Wayne VanderKolk

Dr. Steven VanLaan

Dr. Michael Zakem


We apologize for any errors or omissions and ask that you contact the Foundation at 616-252-5000 to make us aware of any corrections.



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