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Janet Lovegrove

“This place means the world to me!”

The Metro Health Community Clinic has always provided for those it serves. To many, it is a symbol of hope and opportunity. But, its heightened status held among its patient family was not reflected by its outward appearance. The contrast between the spirit of the Clinic and its physical representation was stark—a disconnect you could almost feel.

Few recognized this as readily as Janet Lovegrove, to whom the clinic was a refuge of caring, a bright spot in her time of need.

Janet was first introduced to the Community Clinic 13 years ago after she lost her husband unexpectedly. She had no job and no health insurance, and at 40 years old, had been thrust into the role of single mother to four children, ages 4 to 15.

It was an unfortunate set of circumstances that first led Janet and her family to the Clinic. She went hoping for quality, affordable care. She never thought she’d find such a supportive community who would journey with her through the years to raise children, healthy in body, mind and spirit.

“I had no insurance and my financial resources were limited, but we were always treated like family. Whatever our health care needs, the Community Clinic took care of us,” Janet recounts. “Glory! I don’t know what I would’ve done without them.”

Metro Health Community Clinic became a refuge for the Lovegrove family through the years. When plans to renovate the facility were announced, Janet was on the front lines to help make it happen. She simply couldn’t resist the opportunity to bring the clinic’s environment into alignment with its true character.

Working alongside her health care family, she got her hands dirty, stripping the facility of its outdated facade. Every ounce of effort she applied energized her soul: “Metro has done an awful lot for me and my family. This place means the world to me! After everything they have done and continue to do for us, I was thankful to have an opportunity to serve and give back just a little.”

With the help of caring volunteers and generous donations to the Metro Health Hospital Foundation, the Community Clinic received a long overdue facelift. Fresh paint, new flooring, inspired artwork and new furniture offer a warm and healing space that portray the quality of care that Metro Health provides. Visitors are instantly put at ease by the friendly atmosphere, accessible layout and the variety of seating options that accommodate persons of all abilities and needs.

Even the staff at the Community Clinic gush about their new surroundings. Margo Schlewitz, Manager of the Community Clinic, described the impact of the renovations:  “The updates have made a huge difference for our patients. They have transformed our clinic into a cheery place that makes everyone feel more comfortable and open, contributing to a better health care experience overall. At Metro Health we respect our patient population, and these renovations reflect that. We are really proud of our environment as a whole.”

Janet agrees. Today when she walks in the front door, her spirits are lifted by the Clinic’s bright and happy surroundings. She can’t help but smile as she is welcomed by a positive, peaceful atmosphere that harmonizes perfectly with the care she knows awaits her.

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