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Gary deneau

Gary Deneau- Jenison, MI

Why did you decide you wanted to make a lifestyle change and lose weight?
“I had recently retired and decided if I was going to do something about my weight, this was the time to do it.”

What has been the easiest and most challenging aspects of losing weight?
“Once you get into a routine on tracking your food and finding healthy alternatives to eat, it’s not too bad. I eat a ton of vegetables, which keeps me away from foods that may not be as healthy for me. I still enjoy a glass of wine, but it tends to increase my appetite, which can make it more challenging to eat appropriately.”

What Live Healthy programs and screens have you attended? How have they helped you reach your personal goals?
“I usually attend the Fresh Start Cooking Classes taught by Amy Sherman. The classes focus on more healthy eating but are informal, and I usually come away with some great recipes. I also take advantage of the Body Composition Screens to help maintain my weight loss and the blood pressure screens to stay on top of my blood pressure.”

What do you like most about Live Healthy programs?
“I love the Fresh Start Cooking Classes.”

Additional comments:
“I appreciate that many of the Live Healthy programs are free of charge and very accessible.”

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