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Live Healthy Programs in Action

Live Healthy Programs in Action: Metro Health’s Live Healthy Programs are making a difference in the community.


Jessica DiLorenzo with her husband, Jon

Tell us about your experience with th Metro Way 5K.
“I had seen my husband and close friends take up running. I was there cheering them on and finally thought that I did not want to be the cheerleader anymore, so I thought I would give it a try, with the end goal being the Metro Way 5K.”

What do you like most about the Metro Way 5K?
“I like the convenience and the location of the race. It is nice to run around the Metro campus.”

What makes the Metro Way 5K different from other races?
“It’s smaller and more intimate than most other 5K races. It has a relaxed and community/family setting.”

Do you plan on participating in the 2013 race?
“Yes, with a new time goal!!”

What advice do you have for others who want to start running or incorporate more physical activity into their lives?
“I think we all need to make time for ourselves on a daily basis. What better way than taking a walk, bike ride or a run. The physical activity also helps with weight loss; I have lost 25 pounds and lowered my blood pressure. Even though that was not the original goal, it sure is nice to feel better about my health. If you are running a 5K, set a goal of finishing it first and foremost.”

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