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Live Healthy Programs in Action


 Live Healthy Programs in Action: Metro Health’s Live Healthy Programs are making a difference in the community.

What Live Healthy programs and screens have you attended?
I came to the monthly blood pressure screen at the hospital in January.

What did you learn?
I learned my blood pressure was higher than expected. I told my nurse I was craving ice, and she suggested I go see a doctor because I may be anemic.

Did you follow up? I did! I saw my doctor and learned I was very anemic.

Do you feel better?I feel much better after visiting my doctor. I was given medicine to help with the anemia, I’m working on getting my blood pressure under control, and I’m not craving ice.

Additional comments: I came to the blood pressure screen in February again. I thanked the nurse for her help and suggestion! Metro Health employees are so friendly and wonderful!

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