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The Cancer Center at Metro Health Village

Survivorship Coordinator

The Cancer Center at Metro Health Village is dedicated to helping cancer survivors live their lives to the fullest after treatment. Our survivorship coordinator works closely with a patient’s health care team to develop a comprehensive written care summary and personalized follow-up plan. That plan addresses dealing with long-term effects of cancer as well as adjusting to other aspects of life after treatment. It also provides guidance on specific follow-up care, prevention and health maintenance. Our goal is to help survivors experience their life as fully as possible beyond the initial cancer treatment.

Some patients find that life returns to normal. Others find that they have concerns that continue well after treatment. These may include concerns such as pain, tiredness, worrying about cancer returning, adjusting to body changes, neuropathy (nerve damage), bone loss, lymphedema, sexual concerns and future cancer risk.  Some patients simply want to learn how to stay healthy after cancer treatment.

We encourage you to schedule a Survivorship Consultation any time after finishing your cancer treatment.  This one-hour visit will include:

  • A Survivorship Care Plan which is a record of the type of cancer you had and how it was treated, follow up plan and other suggestions to stay well
  • Information on cancer prevention and management of long term side effects
  • Suggestions for healthy lifestyle habits
  • Information on support groups, classes or other resources to help you live life as fully as possible after cancer treatment
  • Keeping your primary care doctor informed about your cancer care and follow-up plan

This visit is covered by your medical insurance at the same level as your other cancer follow-up visits.  We suggest an initial consult along with one follow-up visit.  Additional visits can be scheduled depending on your needs.  Contact (616) 252-8100 to schedule an appointment.

Below you will find links to some helpful websites. They address topics that are unique to cancer survivors as they move beyond treatment.

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