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Child Life Services

Child Life Services Services

The following activities are available to encourage a family-centered environment where patients, siblings and care-givers can interact and find healing within the medical setting.
  • Medical play in individual and group settings
  • Emotional support and distraction during painful or scary times
  • Playing with toys and games in the playroom or at bedside
  • Preparation and education before surgery and medical testing
  • Pain management techniques like deep breathing, guided imagery, and relaxation

Child Life Services Locations

A visit to the hospital can be difficult for anyone. For children, even a routine visit can feel stressful. Child Life Specialists, as members of the health care team, use developmental interventions and play to help patients and their families understand and adjust to their medical experiences.

Child Life Specialists support patients from infants up to 18 years of age during their hospital experience. Brothers and sisters need help sometimes, too. Please talk to the Child Life Specialist if you have questions about the patient or their siblings. You may also wish to contact the Child Life Specialist to support children of adult patients who are struggling with the impact of hospitalization within the family. We encourage family involvement to assist with the patient’s ability to cope during the hospital experience.

To speak with a Child Life Specialist from Metro Health, please contact:

Child Life Services 
(616) 252-7946

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The Metro Health Hospital Child Life Program is completely funded through donations to the Metro Health Hospital Foundation.

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