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Hand Rejuvenation

Our hands can certainly tell a story… one of hard work through years of exposure to harsh environmental elements and sun exposure.  Left unprotected, our hands may show premature signs of aging such as freckles, dark spots, sunken skin and wrinkles.  Fortunately, there are options for anyone looking to improve the appearance of mature looking hands.  Hand rejuvenation treatments can add youthful fullness, lighten freckles and remove age spots through a combination of broad band light or laser skin resurfacing treatments to improve skin color, textural irregularities and collagen production of the hands.  Injectable fillers are also used to plump and rejuvenate sunken areas.  In addition to the treatments, sunscreen should be applied daily to help prevent any damage from the sun.  Call the Cosmetic Treatment Center to schedule a free physician consultation to discuss options regarding hand rejuvenation or to address any of your skin care needs!

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