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Reveal Your True Shape

We are very excited to offer the latest technology in body contouring here at the Metro Health Cosmetic Treatment Center.  Zerona is the first non-invasive device approved by the FDA for full body contouring.  Zerona uses low level laser light therapy to create small pores in the cell membrane of the subcutaneous fat.  While the fat cell remains healthy and alive, the fat leaks out of the open pore, thus collapsing the cell and causing inch loss.  Our bodies safely eliminate the fat using the lymphatic system.  Clinically significant results can be seen as early as 2 weeks.  The best part of it all is that you can non-invasively lose inches and stubborn body fat from your waist, hips and thighs with ZERO pain, ZERO bruising, and ZERO recovery time.  You may also see a reduction in cellulite while jump starting a healthier lifestyle!

The treatments involve simply lying under the Zerona for 20 minutes on your front and 20 minutes on your back.  Unlike other body contouring procedures and surgeries, Zerona is completely non-invasive and allows you to continue your daily activities without interruption. It’s that easy!

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