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Facial Treatments

The Hydrodermabrasion is the perfect way to enhance your skin care treatment with an individual touch.   It is great for anyone who wants exfoliation and deep product penetration. The results are instant. Using the patented technology of DiamondTome™ a crystal –free microdermabrasion first, followed by the Hydro Wand®, you can penetrate, hydrate, and nourish the skin all in one treatment.

Supreme Signature Treatment
This is a great combination treatment for all skin types.   We will target the skin with a micro-exfoliation crystal free microdermabrasion that helps repair skin that is damaged from the sun, scars, acne and the unwanted effects of aging.  We will follow with a gentle cleanse, extractions, personalized facial treatment, mask and relaxing massage.  This is customized from start to finish according to your skin type for your perfect treatment.

Signature Back Treatment
Similar to the Deep Pore Cleansing Facial, treatment deeply cleanses and treats the pores on your back. This treatment is very relaxing and great for those with acne, rough texture, or simply for those who want to improve the skin on their back.

Pigment Balancing Treatment
The Pigment Balancing Masque is a customizable brightening treatment targeting hyperpigmentation to dramatically improve the uneven appearance of photo-damaged skin.  The masque combines high-performance brightening and anti-inflammatory agents with a peeling acid solution to accelerate cell renewal diminish, and diffuse localized hyperpigmentation.  A series of 4-6 treatments recommended.

Alpha Beta Peel Treatment
This intermediate peel treatment is for a wide range of skin types and combines both alpha and beta hydroxyl acids to minimize the appearance of surface lines, smooth out rough texture, aid in clearing acne, and help fade hyperpigmentation. The acids in these peels remove dead cells from the surface without irritating the skin. This in-office treatment is specifically developed for use with an at-home pre-and-post treatment regime.  For optimal results a series of 4-6 treatments recommended, or do in conjunction with other procedures or treatments.

Regenerating Treatment
This introductory hydroxy acid treatment is designed to give all skin types that special, pampered treatment they deserve.  The combination of products helps leave the skin hydrated, refreshed, and ready to take on the environmental ravages of the day. It is a perfect antidote for skin that needs a circulation boost.

Reconditioning and Firming Treatment
This treatment is perfect for any occasion when a glowing, visibly youthful appearance is desired.  It is ideal for dehydrated, aging, and environmentally damaged skin types.  It is designed to reveal luminous, hydrated skin using a warm paraffin mask to lock in moisture.   This facial leaves the skin feeling and looking healthier with a radiant, firmer complexion.

Clinical Acne Treatment
This treatment, designed for acne-prone skin, includes a chemical peel, calming masque and lymphatic drainage as well as corrective products that are ideal for the treatment of acne on the face, chest, or upper back.

Purifying Mud Treatment
This Dead Sea Facial mud will reduce the size of pores, draw out impurities, and exfoliate the skin to ensure beautiful results.  When applied to the skin, it creates a thermal reaction in the skin tissues that increases circulation and aids in the rebuilding of collagen and elastin.

Oncology Therapy Facial
This customized treatment helps cancer patients maintain their self-image and appearance as they progress through their cancer treatments or during recovery.

Radiation, chemotherapy as well as medication therapy can cause the body and skin to go through changes. Some of the skin reactions that can occur are redness, sores, rashes, itching and also dryness. We offer treatments that can help restore the skins natural look. This treatment includes gentle cleansing, nourishing mask, gentle massage and healing touch to help calm the body and mind.

Men’s Hydrating Facial
Designed for moisture-deprived skin, this hydrating treatment will replenish the skin on a cellular level, leaving it nourished, rejuvenated and beautiful.

Gentlemen’s Spa Facial
Designed specifically for men who suffer from ingrown hair brought about by shaving.  This treatment can be used on face, neck, chest, arms, back and legs and is good for all skin types.

Deep Pore Cleansing
This treatment is perfect for any client experiencing congested pores, including those with teenaged skin.  The combination of products helps to reduce oil without drying and gives the skin the hydration it needs.

Soothing Facial
Designed to help hypersensitive skin types.  This treatment is designed to help calm and soothe compromised skin, reduce erythema, irritation, and inflammation associated with problematic/rosacea skin types.

Individual Services

  • Melanage Mini Peel
  • Chemical Peels
  • Waxing
  • Extractions Only
  • Hand Moisturizing Treatment- Hyaluronic Acid, Antioxidants, Paraffin Treatment
  • Jane Iredale Mineral MakeUp Application
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