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Jane Iredale

A Letter from Jane

A warm welcome to jane iredale mineral cosmetics – the most technically advanced makeup in the world.

As you wear this makeup, you’ll see how flawless and dewy your skin looks. You’ll experience the minerals’ silky lightness. You’ll love how easy they are to apply and how long they last on your skin without the need for touch-ups.

Minerals will make your life simpler, too, because they’re a foundation, concealer, powder and sunscreen all in one. And the sunscreen is UVA and UVB protective.

The right application tool is essential; that’s why we’ve made brush suggestions with each product that you see in our color chart.

If you’re an ingredient label reader the way I am, you’ll notice that we don’t formulate with FD&C dyes, chemical preservatives like parabens or synthetic fragrance and that we don’t use fillers in our makeup such as talc. Our goal is to keep our formula as effective, simple and natural as possible.

We think it’s important that you know what you’re putting on your skin, so we encourage you to go to our website at and learn about each product in depth.

We know that our cosmetic line has the ability to change your life. The skin you’ve always wanted is now just a brush away.

- Jane Iredale

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