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Cleansing Products


  • Clarifying Cleanser
    Specifically formulated for acne-prone skin, SkinCeuticals Clarifying Cleanser unclogs pores and helps improve the appearance of problematic skin. Clarifying Cleanser also includes smoothly rounded microbeads to gently slough off dead skin cells and cellular debris.

    • 2% salicylic acid unclogs pores and removes dirt, oil, and other cellular debris
    • Glycolic and mandelic acids gently exfoliate dead skin cells
    • Clarifies the skin and smoothes out rough texture
    • Treats existing acne blemishes and helps prevent future breakouts

  • Gentle Cleanser
    Formulated for sensitive or traumatized skin, Gentle Cleanser removes excess impurities and oil without drying the skin. Gentle enough to be used several times daily, this non-irritating cleanser conditions, soothes, and calms sensitive or traumatized skin.
  • Simply Clean
    Ideal for combination or oily skin, this skin-refining gel cleanser combines an exfoliating hydroxy acid blend with botanical extracts to gently remove impurities, excess oils, and makeup. Simply Clean also contains botanical extracts of chamomile, comfrey, and aloe to help soothe and heal the skin.
  • Cleansing Cream
    Ideal for normal or dry skin, this light cream cleanser gently lifts away makeup and surface residues without drying the skin. Hydroxy acids gently exfoliate dead skin cells while botanical extracts such as chamomile, comfrey, yarrow, and aloe soothe and heal the skin. Ginseng is added to improve elasticity.
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