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Diabetes Patient Preparation for Endoscopy

If you, or a member of your family, has diabetes, please remember follow the provided preparation protocol before an endoscopy:

  • Continue taking oral medications unless told otherwise by PCP/GI
  • Always continue basal insulin’s (Levemir, Lantus)
  • Fast acting insulin’s (Novolog, Apidra, Humalog) – you may have mealtime doses and/or correction doses.
    • You should be able to continue correction scale if you have one—you are just correcting elevated blood glucose.
    • Mealtime doses will depend on the amount of carbohydrates you are taking in
      **If you have questions please call your PCP**
  • When taking clear liquids you should be mindful of how much of the carbohydrate containing food you are drinking/eating.

Basic rule is 30 gram minimum, 45-60 grams maximum every 4-5 hours

  • Between mealtimes you should be drinking non carbohydrate containing liquids. Examples below:
    • Clear Liquids with 15 grams carbohydrates (for meal time):
      • 4 oz. of juice such as Apple
      • 4 oz. of real soda (Sprite, 7-UP, Sierra Mist)
      • 8 oz. of Gatorade (not G2 type)
      • 1 Popsicle
      • ½ cup sweetened gelatin

**(Do not drink or eat anything that is either purple or red. Red and purple mimic blood and may affect the test results)**

    • Non carbohydrate containing Clear Liquids are (for between meals):
      • Diet soda
      • Water
      • Broth/Bouillon
      • Sugar free gelatin
      • Tea (without milk or sugar)
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