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Executive Health Program

Additional Comments/Remarks from Participating Executives

  • “Great experience, very professional. I like the new program location. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. Focus on wellness is much appreciated and is beneficial to the company.”
  • “The program is great, Dr. Gauthier and Nathan are both very thorough, very patient and attentive. This exceeds the experience I have at other routine doctor visits, you guys do great work, thanks.”
  • “I rely heavily on this program for my health monitoring.”
  • “Thought everything was great. Good communication throughout the process, efficient schedule, great bedside manners of the health professionals.”
  • “Nice summary and explanation of opportunities to continue to improve my health and nutrition.”
  • “Very professional, outstanding care.”
  • “Appreciate the consistent concierge feel to the program, no waiting etc… Makes it easy and fast. I also appreciate having the same doctor every year.”
  • “1st experience was very positive.”
  • “This is a wonderful program, Metro does a great job.”
  • “I used to dread my annual physicals, now it’s something I actually look forward to, Thank you!”
  • Really appreciate the time taken to explain everything and treat me with care, Thanks!”
  • Great benefit to have these annual reviews!”
  • “Great to have a consistent annual recording of health, this provides trending for some goals.”
  • It was very positive and comfortable, the team made me feel relaxed.”
  • “As always, very good experiences with very professional staff.”
  • “Nice new facility, I appreciate the timeliness of the process/program, there is no waiting!”
  • “Very convenient, professional and friendly.”
  • “I think Nathan has been a great addition to your team, he was very thorough and gave me good feedback for healthy living.”
  • “I like being offered the opportunity to follow-up with questions late, if necessary.”
  • “The program is well done! Thank you!”
  • “Nathan was flexible with my late arrival. He is professional and all staff encountered were friendly and helpful. Good overall experience, Nathan is knowledgeable and a good advocate of Metro Health Services.”

Responses taken from some of the 2012-2013 exit surveys

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