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Executive Health Program

A Typical Visit


Insurance information will be requested; however, the cost of your physical will be paid by your employer, not your insurance company. Once you have scheduled your appointment, a pre-appointment packet with instructions and directions will be mailed to your home. Priorexecutive-health_1 to your Executive Physical, you will receive a hemoccult slide kit, which screens for early detection of colorectal cancer. Please review the preparation instructions included in the kit carefully. Business casual is appropriate for your Executive Physical. Wear comfortable clothes and running shoes suitable for physical activity if you are scheduled for a treadmill stress test.  


On the morning of your Executive Physical, you will be greeted for your appointment at the Metro Health Professional Building by the program coordinator. You will then meet with your consulting Executive Health Physician. The executive Health Physician will conduct a review of your medical, family and social history. Following that will be a complete physical examination. Based on the results of this examination, your doctor will recommend any necessary health screens and lab work that needs to be done. You will spend time at various test areas in Metro Health Hospital with little to no waiting between testing. After completing these tests, a healthy breakfast of your choice will be provided while you meet with the Executive Health Educator to discuss them and any available results. If the doctor feels you may need to receive any further treatment or follow-up testing, he or she will make recommendations and answer any questions you may have about your appointment or future appointments.


After an appointment, each executive will receive a follow-up packet, including a physician report, lab results and preventive health education tools. All results from your Executive Health Physical will be mailed to your home address and Primary Care Physicians office 1-2 weeks following your visit.

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