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Heart & Vascular Services

Diagnostic Cardiovascular Procedures & Interventions

At Metro Heart & Vascular, our specialists provide a complete array of cardiovascular testing to determine the extent of each patient’s cardiovascular condition and treatment options.  When it is necessary they use interventional procedures and techniques to aid in a patient’s treatment.

Proper diagnosis leads to the most effective efficient and effective treatment, which is why our physicians and staff take the time to perform a thorough and complete evaluation.

Cardiology Procedures: Vascular Procedures:
Non-Invasive Cardiology Diagnostic Procedures Non-Invasive Peripheral Vascular Procedures
Invasive Cardiology Diagnostic Procedures Invasive Peripheral Vascular Procedures
Interventional Cardiology Procedures Interventional Vascular Procedures
Electrophysiology Services


The specialists at Metro Heart & Vascular offer a full array of heart and vascular services.  For more information or to schedule an appointment at any one of our six locations in the West Michigan area, call (616) 252-5950.

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