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Non-Invasive Cardiology Diagnostic Procedures

Holter Heart Monitor

What is it?  Holter monitors, commonly known as 24-Hour Heart Monitors, are worn around the waist or shoulder and attached to electrodes on your body to measure electrical impulses of the heart and give the doctor a full day’s record of information.

How is it put on?  A technologist will place four electrodes on your chest.  These electrodes will be connected to the monitor by four wires.  The monitor is clipped to your clothing or worn in a pouch that is worn around your neck.

Preparing for the Test:

  • Do not use any powders, lotions or oils on your chest.

Helpful Information:

  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.
  • Plan on your appointment lasting approximately 20 minutes.
  • Men can expect to have some of their chest hair shaved, in order to better place the electrodes.
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