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Peripheral Vascular Disease/Peripheral Artery Disease

Diagnosis & Treatment for Peripheral Artery Disease

At Metro Heart & Vascular, we provide a comprehensive and coordinated team approach to the diagnosis and treatment of PAD. Our team compassionately works with each patient to develop an appropriate treatment plan, including management of risk factors to significantly reduce the effects of PAD and improve their health.

We utilize the Ankle Brachial Index test to help diagnose PAD. This quick and painless test compares blood pressure in the lower legs and feet to blood pressure in the arms and can help detect a problem with blood flow. Other tests include special ultrasounds, blood tests (to check for high cholesterol and diabetes) and angiography (injecting a dye into your blood vessels and taking X-ray images to check for narrowing or blockage of the blood vessels).

PAD treatments have two major goals. The first is to manage the symptoms so that you can resume your normal physical activities and the second is to stop the progression of plaque buildup throughout your body, reducing your risk of heart attack and stroke. Treatments often include a combination of lifestyle changes, medications and endovascular intervention or bypass surgery.

Our specialists are nationally recognized experts in minimally-invasive endovascular procedures that effectively remove blockages with quicker recovery, often saving legs, fingers and toes from being amputated. To view some of our patients’ stories, click here. Learn more about minimally invasive treatments for PAD.

The specialists at Metro Heart & Vascular offer a full array of heart and vascular services. For more information or to schedule an appointment at any one of our six locations in the West Michigan area, call (616) 252-5950.

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