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Venous Laser Program for Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are enlarged veins that can appear gnarled or bulging. Any vein can become varicose, but the veins most commonly affected are those in your legs and feet. This is due to the increased pressure caused by standing and walking. Varicose veins are dark purple or blue in color and typically don’t cause pain. However, painful symptoms have been known to occur such as achy feelings in the legs, burning or throbbing in the muscles, itching around the veins themselves and skin ulcers near the ankles. If you are experiencing any of these issues with varicose veins, it can be an indicator of a more serious health problem that requires medical attention.

Most patients believe that the elimination of varicose veins is more of a cosmetic issue than one related to health, but the physicians of Metro Heart & Vascular know that the presence of varicose veins is often an indicator of more serious circulation problems.

If left untreated, possible complications of varicose veins include skin ulceration, bleeding and blood clots.

The venous laser program for varicose veins features a minimally invasive procedure called endovenous laser therapy, which is performed on an outpatient basis. During the procedure, you are awake and your leg is anesthetized. A thin laser fiber is inserted through a small puncture in your thigh. Your physician delivers laser energy into the diseased vein, causing it to close. To view some of our patients’ stories, click here.

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