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Green Thinking

Designed with the Environment in Mind

Explore how Metro Health protects
the planet with “Green Thinking”..

In keeping with our commitment to creating the best health care experience for our patients, Metro Health has taken numerous steps to provide a healthy environment for the community. A strong focus on storm water management, recycling and energy conservation has earned the new Metro Health Hospital LEED certification, which recognizes Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Learn more.


Metro Health Hospital Includes These Environmentally Friendly Features:

roof aerial

  • A 48,500-square-foot green roof minimizes storm water runoff, improves air quality and insulation, reduces peak temperatures and provides aesthetically pleasing scenery
  • Rain gardens filter pollutants from storm water runoff
  • Water-conserving fixtures, including waterless urinals and low-flow faucets
  • Recycled building materials and wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council
  • Motion-sensitive lights conserve energy
  • Paints and interior furnishings designed to improve indoor air quality

Sustainable Business Practices

Metro Health's commitment to sustainability goes beyond the many innovative design features of our new hospital. It's evident in our day-to-day business practices and ongoing strategies to conserve natural resources and promote a healthy environment.

Some Key Initiatives:

  • Conversion to a micro fiber mop system that cuts annual water use by 43,000 gallons and reduces chemical use by 90%
  • Switched to housekeeping chemicals to Green Seal Certified cleaning agents
  • Recycling programs for a wide variety of products including computers, paper, light bulbs, cardboard, X-ray film and batteries
  • Implementation of a hospital-wide carpooling program
  • Switched to disposable cafeteria cups and plates made of biodegradeable corn and sugarcane
  • Eliminated the use of all medical equipment containing mercury
  • Switched to reusable needle box containers, which reduces our annual medical waste by 7.8 tons

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View our Sustainability Reports to find out more:
2013 Sustainability Report
2014 Sustainability Report



Recognized as a Clean Corporate Citizen by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. Metro is the first health system in the state of Michigan to receive this designation.


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