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Key Partners in Patient Care

If you’re admitted to Metro Health Hospital, you may be seen by one of our hospitalists. These experienced doctors play a key role, assisting your primary care physician by leading the team that provides your care while you are in the hospital. On duty around the clock, these internal medicine physicians are well equipped to handle a wide variety of acute illnesses.


As medical care in a hospital setting becomes increasingly sophisticated, Metro Health’s high standards for quality and efficiency are further enhanced by our hospitalists program. These doctors have special expertise in hospital care that makes them uniquely qualified to lead a multidisciplinary team, ensuring the best possible outcomes for our patients. They are on the scene daily, coordinating care with nurses, therapists, social workers, case managers, residents and medical specialists.



Primary care physicians can count on Metro Health hospitalists to keep them well informed. They understand the importance of communication and will provide timely follow-up to guarantee continuity of care. Being in the hospital on a daily basis also allows them to maintain close communication with patients, families and other caregivers on their team.

To reach a Metro Health hospitalist, call (616) 588-4027.

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