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Mobile Digital Mammography

Metro Health takes state-of-the-art care on the road with mobile digital mammography – a service that makes expert care easier for patients in need of a potentially life-saving screening close to home.

The van is now available on a rotating basis at Metro Health AllendaleCaledonia, Cascade, Cedar SpringsHudsonville, Wayland and the Metro Health Community Clinic. It can serve up to 15 patients a day and provides the benefits of digital technology:

Metro Health also offers digital screening mammography at Metro Health Comstock Park, Southwest, Lowell and at Metro Health Hospital in Wyoming.

Digital mammography was developed to improve the quality of images for women with dense breast tissue. The process allows physicians reviewing the images to manipulate them in order to better identify abnormalities. Younger women also benefit from the technology.

  • Crisper, clearer images
  • Quicker processing time
  • Easy for doctors to read and store in your electronic medical record

You don’t have to be a patient at Metro Health to schedule a screening mammogram at one of the neighborhood outpatient centers or the hospital. Just call (616) 252-4461 to set up an appointment.

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