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At Metro Health, our team of experts provides comprehensive neurosurgery services for patients requiring brain, spine and nervous system care. The Metro Health Neurosurgery team combines the most advanced neurosurgical treatments for patients with the compassionate, patient-focused care that Metro Health is known for.

Metro Health Hospital is proud to be the first hospital in Michigan to offer the RenaissanceTM Guided Spine Surgery system. This guided surgical system is the latest advancement in robotic techniques and enables surgeons to provide safer and more accurate minimally-invasive spine surgeries – with less pain and faster recovery times.

The Metro Health Neurosurgery team also utilizes the Stealth Station, the latest in imaging guidance technology, which allows our neurosurgeons to perform difficult brain surgeries with more safety and precision. The Stealth Station gives our surgeons a 3-dimensional view inside the head and pinpoints the exact position for placement of surgical instruments.

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