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Orthopedic Injuries

Sport injuries

We treat all phases of sports injuries, from shoulder problems to complex knee-ligaments reconstruction. The orthopedic specialists at Metro Health meet with each patient to provide in-depth evaluation, provide a caregul and complete diagnosis, as well as explain the diagnosis and recommend appropriate therapies. We also work closely with our Sports Medicine Team.

Arthritis and Joint Problems

We provide a complete spectrum of care for people suffering from arthritis and other joint related problems – from joint aspirations and injections to realignment procedures and the replacement of most major joint. The orthopedic specialists at Metro Health provide in-dept evaluations, careful and complete diagnosis, and recommend appropriate therapies. We take time to ensure that each patient is comfortable and understand the entire process. Our comprehensive are programs also offer Rehabilitation Services and other orthotic services with our Center for Restorative Care.

Please view our patient educational material to learn more about your injury.

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