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Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment

Why OMT?

Many times after an injury, the way the bones move in your spine and joints changes. You may experience muscle spasms and pain with normal activities. OMT can help the body recover more quickly from injury by restoring normal motion to the joints and reducing spasms, thereby relieving the pain. It is usually recommended to give your body a short period of time to rest after an injury before being treated with OMT.

OMT can be very effective in the treatment of muscle strain, such as a sore lower back, and ligamentous sprain, such as a sprained ankle. By relieving joint restrictions, correcting vertebral misalignments, and addressing musle imbalance, OMT can relieve pain, increase mobility and improve function. It can relieve swelling and edema (the abnormal accumulation of watery fluid in connective tissue). OMT can also hasten healing and recovery from illness by promoting blood flow through the tissues.

OMT should not be viewed as an alternative to traditional medicine, but rather a complementary modality that can make traditional treatments work better.

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