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Sleep Disorders Center

"It's hard to believe the difference a good night's sleep has made in my daily life. It's having a huge impact on my health and safety. I just wish I hadn't waited so long to get help."

Richard Ward Sleep Disorders Center Patient

Helping People Sleep Better… and Feel Better

sleep study From snoring, sleep apnea and narcolepsy to restless leg syndrome, insomnia and the inability to get to or maintain your sleep, the experienced staff at the Metro Health Sleep Disorders Center is here to listen, test and provide treatment for chronic sleep disorders and other sleep-related issues.

Located on the lower level of the HealthPark Building in Metro Health Village, our Sleep Disorders Center is a state-of-the-art lab that offers the comfort and continued personal care that patients have come to expect from Metro Health Hospital.

The Metro Health Sleep Disorders Center is open for testing Monday thru Friday (excluding holidays) for night time testing. Daytime and in-home testing is also available to meet the needs of our patients.

Please call (616) 252-7264 for questions or to schedule a consultation.

The Sleep Center has four board certified sleep physicians available for consultation at three locations:

Dr. Qasim Omran
Metro Health Professional Building
Dr. Julie Bourbonnais
Metro Health Professional Building
Dr. Dale Coller
Dr. Mark Ivey
Metro Health Hospital

Directions to HealthPark

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For more information on sleep disorders or sleep habits, please visit the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the National Sleep Foundation.


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