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Having a baby is a wonderful event. We understand how important it is to choose the right place to bring your precious little one into the world. That’s why we’ve made sure you and your baby receive both expert care and personalized attention in an amazing setting.  Our goal is to make it easier for you and your baby to be healthy and comfortable.  (We even thought about Dad’s needs, too.) View our visitation policy.

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From our convenient location to our expert staff to our “posh” maternity digs, our Childbirth Center was designed to help you relax and enjoy getting to know your new little one.

Once you have begun your prenatal care, don’t forget to schedule your expectant parent classes.  Classes are geared for today’s parents, utilizing on-line video and printable checklists.

Our “traditional” classes involve 10 hours of class time over 3 evenings or a weekend.  Slides and video accompany interactive dialogue, demonstration and practice throughout.  The e-Learning class is for those who prefer doing their learning through reading and viewing entirely at home, plus the hands-on component of practicing breathing, relaxation and comfort techniques with a childbirth instructor who can answer questions and give them a tour of our Spartan Stores Family Childbirth Center on a Saturday morning.

You will also want to register for our Breastfeeding Class which is a single evening that provides great preparation for feeding your baby.  You may take your Breastfeeding Class before or after your Childbirth Class.

Click the link below for a class schedule which gives a complete description of our classes;  including fees, insurance information, dates & times, plus how to register.

If you have questions, you may call:
Perinatal Education Office
(616) 252-7226

2015 Class Schedule


To keep all newborns safe, we fit all babies with a HUGS Tag transmitter ankle bracelet. The bracelet will sound an alarm to the staff and lock all doors if a baby is brought too close to an exit.

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