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Joint Replacement Camp

Walk Without Wincing

Joint Replacement
Metro Health Hospital’s Joint Replacement Camp offers a distinctive approach to elective
knee and hip surgeries and focuses on camaraderie and teamwork. The surgical
and rehab program is a unique approach to these life-enhancing procedures
addressing the personal as well as emotional challenges during recovery.

Joint Replacement Camp is a concept revolving
around the ability of patients to improve their own rehabilitation when they
are put in a group setting and encouraged to measure their progress against
fellow campers. It is a team approach involving the patient, orthopedic
surgeons, physical and occupational therapists, nurses, discharge planners and
family members.

The “camp” provides a framework for
a systematic, structured way to assist patients undergoing joint replacement
surgery from pre-admission through post-operative care. A key element of joint
camp is the selection of a “coach” or family member. The support
person is with the patient during the twice-daily therapy sessions. Campers are
treated with various amenities to encourage feelings of wellness and freedom from
joint pain.

The specialized unit
features private patient rooms. This unit also features a group activities
room, in which patients will receive education prior to surgery, participate in
group exercise sessions, and enjoy meeting with fellow campers.

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For more information about Joint Replacement
Camp, please call (616) 252-7306.


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