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Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)

Conditions of Participation

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CMS Mission:
To assure health care security for beneficiaries.

CMS Vision:
In serving beneficiaries, we open our programs to full partnership with the entire health community to improve quality and efficiency in an evolving health care system.

CMS Goals:

  • Protect
    and improve beneficiary health and satisfaction
  • Foster
    appropriate and predictable payments and high quality care
  • Promote
    understanding of CMS programs among beneficiaries, the health care community
    and the public
  • Promote
    the fiscal integrity of CMS programs and be an accountable steward of public
  • Foster
    excellence in the design and administration of CMS programs
  • Provide
    leadership in the broader health care marketplace to improve health

Program Objectives

  • Promote
    the fiscal soundness of CMS programs.
  • Modernize
    and effectively manage CMS’ information systems and technology
  • Improve
    CMS’ Medicare contractor management
  • Design
    and maintain payment processes that pay claims only for covered, medically
    necessary services at correct payment amounts and in a timely manner
  • Strengthen
    program safeguards
  • Develop
    and refine payment systems to foster efficiency, promote innovative service
    delivery and appropriate utilization, and ensure access to care for


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