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Metro Health Hospital
5900 Byron Center Ave
Wyoming, MI 49519

Hospital Operator:
(616) 252-7200 or
(800) 968-0051

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Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapy Prices

The physical, occupational & speech therapy prices below are average prices and may vary depending on the complexity of your service.

Metro Health offers competitive prices. Our Community Benefit Discount is for uninsured patients. The amount “You Pay” pertains only to uninsured patients who qualify for this discount.

Physical Therapy ServicesPriceDiscountYou Pay   
Bed Mobility Training$119.00$47.60$71.40
Cervical Traction$119.00$47.60$71.40
Cervical Traction (with hot/cold pack)$136.75$54.70$82.05
Coordination Training (15 min.)$119.00$47.60$71.40
Electrical Stimulation (15 min.)$119.00$47.60$71.40
Electrical Stimulation (with hot/cold pack-15 min.)$136.75$54.70$82.05
Electrical Stimulation for Chronic Wounds$119.00$47.60$71.40
Functional Training (15 min.)$119.00$47.60$71.40
Gait Training (15 min.)$119.00$47.60$71.40
Iontophoresis (1 site)

(electric current introduces ions of a medicine

into the tissues)
Iontophoresis (2 sites)$130.50$52.20$78.30
Manual Therapy (15 min.)$119.00$47.60$71.40
Manual Therapy (with hot/cold pack-15 min.)$136.75$54.70$82.05
Orthotic Evaluation/Training$119.00$47.60$71.40
Pelvic Traction$119.00$47.60$71.40
Pelvic Traction (with hot pack)$136.75$54.70$82.05
Pre-Op Evaluation/Training$136.75$54.70$82.05
Therapeutic Exercise (15 min.)$119.00$47.60$71.40
Therapeutic Exercise (with hot/cold pack)$136.75$54.70$82.05
Instruction for Home Use of TENS (electrical stimulation) Unit$119.00$47.60$71.40
Transfer Training (15 min.)$119.00$47.60$71.40
Ultrasound/Phonophoresis (15 min.)$119.00$47.60$71.40
Wheelchair Mobility (15 min.)$119.00$47.60$71.40
Supervised Exercise$45.00$18.00$27.00
Occupational Therapy ServicesPriceDiscountYou Pay
OT Evaluation$144.25$57.70$86.55
OT Pre-Op Instruction$119.25$47.70$71.55
Functional Therapeutic Activity$119.00$47.60$71.40
Muscle Re-Education (15 min.)$119.00$47.60$71.40
Sensory Integration$128.75$51.50$77.25
Therapeutic Exercise$119.00$47.60$71.40
OT Wound Care$119.00$47.60$71.40
Paraffin Bath$65.50$26.20$39.30
Therapeutic Exercise (with hot/cold pack)$136.75$54.70$82.05
OT Electrical Stimulation (15 min.)$119.00$47.60$71.40
OT Electrical Stimulation Attended$119.00$47.60$71.40
OT Iontophoresis (1 site)$119.00$47.60$71.40
OT Iontophoresis (2 sites)$130.50$52.20$78.30
OT Manual Therapy (15 min.)$119.00$47.60$71.40
OT Manual Therapy (15 min. with hot/cold pack)$136.75$54.70$82.05
Skilled Whirlpool$147.50$59.00$88.50
Contrast Bath$79.25$31.70$47.55
Re-check Orthotic$67.00$26.80$40.20
Fluidotherapy OP$80.50$32.20$48.30
OT Supervised Exercise$45.00$18.00$27.00
Speech & Language Pathology ServicesPriceDiscountYou Pay
Standard Cognitive Performance$215.25$86.10$129.15
Speech/Language Evaluation$369.25$147.70$221.55
Speech/Language Treatment$268.50$107.40$161.10
Myofunctional Evaluation$310.50$124.20$186.30
Myofunctional Treatment$162.25$64.90$97.35
Stroboscopy/Endoscopy Evaluation$696.75$278.70$418.05
Swallowing Evaluation$236.75$94.70$142.05
Swallowing Treatment$189.00$75.60$113.40
Voice Evaluation$369.25$147.70$221.55
Voice Treatment$268.50$107.40$161.10
Evaluation for Use and/or Fitting Voice Prosthetic$530.00$212.00$318.00
Modification of Voice Prosthetic$369.25$147.70$221.55
Cognitive Treatment$313.25$125.30$187.95

Please Note: These prices are for hospital services only and do not include fees from physicians, such as your emergency room physician, surgeon, radiologist or anesthesiologist.