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Chris Rivers Selected as Best of Metro

Christine RiversCongratulations!
Chris Rivers
Best of Metro Winner

Chris has worked at Metro Health for 18 years as an RN ENT/Eye Clinical Specialist on the surgery team. While she has been at Metro for 18 years, that is part of a much larger career as an RN in surgery for 37 years – “and I still love it as much as I did 37 years ago,” she proudly exclaims.

As a surgical RN, providing the Best Patient Experience is a large part of what Chris does. “Chris puts her patients at ease using humor,” explains her nomination form. “She is always ahead of the game and works well with the operating room assistants and is very specific with her needs for her patient during surgery.” When asked about providing the Best Patient Experience, Chris views the Metro Way through a team lens: “Providing the Best Patient Experience, Best Employee Experience, Best Physician Experience and Best Community Experience is what being part of the ‘Metro family’ is all about – we are ALL Metro’s Best!”

With an attitude like that, it is easy to see how her nomination form could be filled with glowing remarks about how Chris provides the Best Employee Experience. “She is mindful of the feelings of her colleagues; she provides constructive criticism and leaves you with feelings like ‘I can do this,’” the form explains. “She makes staff feel as if their skill set is needed and that they are an asset to this surgical team.”

When asked about her favorite Metro Memory, Chris didn’t have to look back over that 18 year career to find a moment. For her it was that day she was awarded as Best of Metro. “It ROCKED,” she exclaimed. “It was an awesome surprise. It was extra special having my husband and close non-work friends also present!!”

When asked what being named Best of Metro meant to her, Chris jokingly said that it meant she could stop “brownnosing” – a quick glimpse of the humor she uses to put her patients at ease. On a serious note, she said she valued being appreciated and recognized by her peers, leaders and the whole surgical services department. “It’s priceless,” she said. “It was an awesome and emotional experience for me.”

Congratulations, Chris!
YOU are the BEST of Metro!


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