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Compassionate Care Helping Those In Need at Metro Health

Metro Health Hospital Giving Circle members have earmarked $43,000 to help less fortunate patients in West Michigan through the hospital’s Compassionate Care Program.

The Giving Circle, a new initiative launched by the Metro Health Hospital Foundation, encourages physicians, board members, staff and the community at large to make charitable donations to benefit programs and services provided by the hospital. Like an investment club, members of the Giving Circle combine their donations and collectively decide what to fund. This year, the overwhelming choice was the new Compassionate Care Program.

The Compassionate Care Program, which was launched in 2009 by the Foundation, provides emergency resources to Metro Health patients who are struggling financially or emotionally. The program provides funds to help Metro Health patients and their families pay for incidental expenses that rack up in the event of unexpected hospital stays or extended treatment plans.

Two offshoots of that program, Pink Compassion and Compassionate Cancer Care, provide financial assistance to breast cancer and other cancer patients to enable them to take care of rent, utilities, medical garments and related expenses incidental to their cancer treatments. Both recently received grants to support their work, which is done in conjunction with the Cancer Center at Metro Health Village, a joint partnership with the University of Michigan Health System.

"Our physicians, board members and employees are amazingly generous, not only of their time and talents, but of their own financial resources to support those in need," said Steve Klotz, Metro Health Hospital Foundation board chair. "Our Giving Circle is a unique program designed to allow the Metro Health team designate how and where donations are spent.

"The result of this year’s vote is a direct reflection of the tough straits that many in our community face because of the economy. Sometimes a voucher for transportation or refreshments from the bereavement cart can provide much-needed relief during a stressful time. We anticipate that our Compassionate Care Program will make a huge difference in the lives of our patients and their families by ensuring that they don’t have to worry about the ‘little things’ that crop up during a time of illness."


Metro Health Hospital Foundation

The Metro Health Hospital Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to improving the health and well being of the West Michigan community through philanthropy. The Foundation’s support of Metro Health Hospital, which is a 100 Top Hospital for the third year in a row, allows individuals, organizations and businesses to contribute funds that prevent catastrophic illnesses, provide life-saving education and screenings, improve overall patient care and fund a wide variety of programs and services. Learn more. Contact: Ellen Bristol, Metro Health Hospital (616) 252-5033
or Mary Ann Sabo, Sabo Public Relations (616)485-1432.


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