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Dr. Alan Petkus Selected as Best of Metro

Alan Petkus
Best of Metro Winner

Alan PetkusDr. Petkus has worked at Metro Health for 25 years! He is a Ph.D microbiologist and started at Metro as the Technical Director of Microbiology in the Metro Health Laboratory. Through the years his role has evolved to become Technical Director of Microbiology and Chemistry Labs.

Dr. Petkus’s nomination form praises him for providing the Best Employee Experience: “He is the most professional supervisor I have ever had, but beyond that, he is also a wonderful mentor.” The nomination goes on to describe his management philosophy in which every moment is a “teachable moment” for his employees. When an employee approaches him with an issue, he encourages them to use critical thinking skills to come to a solution on their own. “Dr. Petkus has fostered this skill in all of his employees,” explains the nomination. “And we are far stronger laboratorians for it.”

Having a Ph.D microbiologist available in the lab is a rare benefit for a hospital the size of Metro Health. Dr. Petkus regularly makes himself available to physicians to assist them in questions or issues they have in ordering or interpreting the many tests and services the lab provides, all part of how he provides the Best Physician Experience. “The Best Physician Experience for support services is really exemplified in forming relationships with the physicians that allow them to more effectively and successfully utilize the support services available at Metro,” explains the nomination. “And Dr. Petkus is incredibly successful in this endeavor.”

In Dr. Petkus’s approach to providing the best experiences, it is clear that he sees how they all fit together. “An integrated healthcare team comes together to provide for the health of the patient. Employees are encouraged to grow in their professions and actively contribute to the team. Discussions with the physicians help the supporting departments keep abreast of the changing needs in the health field. When these areas are met…the employees, physicians, patients and the community reap the benefits of the partnership.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

When asked about his favorite Metro Memory, like many past Best of Metro winners, Dr. Petkus reflected on the move to the new hospital. “We had a blank slate to work with for the construction and layout of the new lab,” he explained. “The technical staff had great ideas and input in helping create the state-of-the-art lab that we have today.”

When asked what being named Best of Metro meant to him, Dr. Petkus said that the award was truly a reflection of the quality results produced by the many talented members of the technical staff in the lab. “Receiving this award reinforces the practices that are done to provide the Best Patient Experience.”

Congratulations, Dr. Petkus!
YOU are the BEST of Metro!


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