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Dr. Andrew Michmerhuizen is the Physician Best of Metro

Dr. Michmerhuizen copyDr. Andrew Michmerhuizen is an Emergency Medicine physician with Certified Emergency Medicine Specialists (CEMS) and works in the Metro Health Emergency Department.  Dr. Michmerhuizen has been a part of the Metro family since 1999 when he started as a volunteer, then worked as a patient transporter, and at the urging of Lyn Johnson in the ED, become a tech in the emergency department, where he worked until 2002.  Dr. Michmerhuizen then went to medical school at the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences. He graduated from medical school in 2006 and returned to Metro Health where he completed his internship and residency in Emergency Medicine.  He joined the medical staff and CEMS in 2010 after completing his residency.  He is board certified in Emergency Medicine.

Dr. Michmerhuizen was selected as the Physician Best of Metro because of the compassionate care he provides to his patients. He is known amongst the ED staff for taking time to explain things in detail to his patients and fully answer their questions as well as being very approachable and respectful of staff. His colleagues describe him as “a good role model for other physicians in the way he treats his staff and patients.”

He is also committed to helping those less fortunate than him and has been on multiple medical mission trips since he was a third year medical student.  Many of these trips have been to Haiti and the Dominican Republic, and often a group of medical residents will accompany him.  This year he will be traveling to Guatemala and visiting an orphanage.

When he was asked about all the memories he has of his time here at Metro, Dr. Michmerhuizen mentioned that one of his most memorable moments was of his white coat ceremony, when Dr. Paul Dwyer put his white physician coat on him. It was a big step where he felt he made the transformation to being a physician.

When asked about being selected as the Physician Best of Metro, Dr. Michmerhuizen explained that he feels very honored and blessed to receive the award.  He has been to many different emergency departments and exclaimed that, “the teamwork at Metro with the physicians, nurses and staff working together is phenomenal.  This teamwork contributes to successful outcomes for our patients and the organization.” 

Dr. Michmerhuizen is married, has three daughters, ages 11, 7, and 5 and spends most of his free time enjoying his family. Along with his faith, his wife has provided incredible support and will be joining him on their upcoming mission trip to Guatemala.

Congratulations Dr. Michmerhuizen!

You are the Physician Best of Metro


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