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Dr. Kevin Furlong Recognized as Physician Best of Metro

Kevin Furlong, DO

DrFurlongDr. Furlong is a hospitalist at Metro Health Hospital and has been with Metro for 17 years. He received his DO degree from the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences in 1999 and completed both his internship and residency at Metro Health Hospital.

In addition to his busy role treating inpatients at the hospital, Dr. Furlong is also involved in a number of leadership roles with Metro Health. He served as Chief-of-Staff from 2012 to 2013 and he has served on the Board of Directors since 2010. He has also served on a number of different committees during his time with Metro.

Furthermore, Dr. Furlong continues to be a top performer on H-CAHPS surveys in the Doctor Communication category. He consistently receives high ratings from patients who rate him as ALWAYS treating them with courtesy and respect, listening carefully and explaining things in a way the patient could understand. He is also known for his consistent, clear documentation which provides staff with clarity of patient status and needs.

The premium that Dr. Furlong places on patient communication is clear from his response when asked what the Best Patient Experience means to him: “I try to reinforce (to patients) the fact that we do realize that it is never fun being a patient in a hospital, but if we can make their stay with us as enjoyable as possible, then we have done our job. And that is what it means to provide the best patient experience, whether it’s communication with the patient, treating the patient with courtesy, or just having a clean room, all of those things provide the best experience for the patients and their families.”

Dr. Furlong’s nomination form further describes how he provides the Best Employee Experience. “He is very engaged, professional and passionate about great outcomes and patient centered care.” It also describes him as “engaged with handling physician issues and call schedules.”

When asked what being selected as Physician Best of Metro meant to him, Dr. Furlong said it is a great honor and it validates all that he and other clinicians do every day. “I hear from patients all the time, comments like ‘you have such a great hospital here,’ or ‘the staff is so nice.’ When I hear things like that, I typically tell the patients that we really do appreciate their comments and kinds words.”

When Dr. Furlong was asked about a favorite Metro Memory, he thought back to the day of the patient move to the new hospital. He mentioned how after the last patient was moved out of the old hospital, then chief medical officer Dr. Bill Cunningham and then chief nursing officer Ingrid Cheslek made statements on the overhead and it was a very special moment. “Then all of us doctors drove out to the new hospital and joined our colleagues in welcoming all the patients into this beautiful new hospital and making sure everyone was settled into their room appropriately.” He continued by saying that “the energy. . . was palpable that day, and despite the daunting task of moving all those patients, the day went off without a hitch due to all the great people working at this place!”

Dr. Furlong is married to his wife Tracey and they have four children, ranging in ages from eight down to two years old.

Congratulations Dr. Furlong!
You are the Physician Best of Metro


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